Well It’s been 171 years. Im 5 years away from being able Form “The Netherlands” wich is a lot cooler than simply “Holland”. Got some provinces and colonies in The Caribbean. Also my Foward bases of the Azores and the Cannarias who have proven very useful in expanding my empire. I got two more islands to the south of those, Santa Helena and Fernando Po. Also I have part of South Africa and a couple of Islands in the East Indies. And, The Jewl of the Crown: My province in India. That little babe allowed me to get a foothold in india, Vassalize 3 nations there and Also made it possible to create the Dutch East India Company, A major boost to my Economy ! IM KILLING THIS !

My alliance with England prevails and since im much more stronger Both in my Economy and My Military/Navy im no longer a weakling european, people fear me mwhahahah (Except For France, and Castille who I fear a lot.) Anyway.

I wonder why I even write all of this here hahaha  

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